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Maintenance, Operation, and Administration

Preservation of Champaign County's existing road and bridge network is the main focus and the responsibility of the Champaign County Engineer. This network consists of a preventative maintenance program for 242 miles of County roads, 216 bridges, and more than 2,200 culverts, 3300 traffic signs, 24,600 linear feet of guardrail. The Champaign County Engineer also assists the Champaign County townships in their road maintenance effort.

The office staff of the Champaign County Engineer is responsible for design and development of plans for construction projects, driveway and utility permitting, bridges, culvert and ditch inspections, providing tax map drafting services for the county and other personnel and administrative functions.


Champaign County has 340 miles of township roads, 242 miles of county roads, 216 bridges, more than 2200 culverts, and more than 3300 signs. In addition to day-to-day maintenance, the Champaign County Engineer is responsible for repair, widening, resurfacing, and construction of county roads. A yearly inspection of all bridges on county and township roads is also done. The County Engineer serves as a consultant to the townships for their construction activity.

The Champaign County Engineer Team